7 Impact-Driven Startups in Switzerland


For nine years in a row, Global Innovation Index (GII) has named Switzerland the most innovative country in the world. This feat has not just happened; Switzerland is indeed a world leader when it comes to innovative corporations. 

What many might not know about these investments, including some of the Switzerland betting sites, is that they are impact-driven startups. A question may be posed whether a betting startup can qualify to be termed as an impact-driven business. A paper published in the Auburn University’s Center for Ethics and Organizational Cultures, while recognizing that gambling can have negative impacts on an individual when done irresponsibly, argue that the industry helps in the generation of much-needed income for governments and also provides psychological benefits to the players.

Impact investment, in general, aims at generating monetary returns and, at the same time, creating social or environmental impact in society. This is a debate that will continue with each side holding divergent views.

Top impact investments

Back to impact-driven startups in Switzerland, these firms aim at making a difference in society, impacting the lives of communities positively while making profits for the investors. They are similar to sporting activities; although athletes make money out of them, this might not be their main motivation. 

Even when considering what sports make the most money, the issue of impact is given prominence. When you look at the list of popular impact-driven startup businesses, there are lots of similarities between sports that make the most money. These similarities include:

  • Putting communities’ interests at the top
  • Players are not just after the money; they are involved in lots of community support activities

Luya Foods

 At the top of the list of impact-driven startups in Switzerland and also among the businesses to watch in 2022 and beyond is Luya Foods. According to the company vision and mission statement, Luya Foods aims to go beyond the craze that surrounds the issue of fake meat. 

The impact-driven startup is creating an innovative plant-based alternative that they are calling natural, juicy, and tasty. The startup is on a mission to save the world from the devastating effects of climate change. It aims at changing the way people consume resources. With its products, just like others, the popular startup businesses aimed at making a difference in society. 

Happy Genie

Established in 2017 as a luxury Leather Company, the founders were unable to withstand the animal cruelty that they saw in the industry. It is from this that the founder decided to re-launch the company making it a strictly vegan-only business. 

With this change, the company turned into the production of multifunctional and stylish bags made from plant fibers. Apart from turning away from what they termed as animal cruelty, the company started providing fair working conditions in all its value chain as well as donating some of its proceeds to impact-driven activities and organizations. With its innovative ideas, the company has won several awards and accolades. 


The startup aims at impacting society by ensuring that the environment is not polluted and global warming is checked. The company’s mission is to make sure that bio-waste does not get into regular waste. It aims at reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly methane gas, which is made from bio waste. 

To solve this problem, they developed composting systems which communities and homes can use. The worm composting systems help in recycling the bio waste into nutrients that can be used on the farm. The nutrient-rich fertilizers are environmentally friendly since they are organic and also odorless. 

For this effort, the startup has been nominated for an eco-design prize on several occasions. Its mission is positively to impact society by providing farmers with organic and cheap fertilizers at a time when the world is experiencing the worst shortage of farm inputs. Their products are helping check global warming and, at the same time, providing a solution to farmers. They are truly making waste into a resource that can save the earth.


The impact-driven business aims at solving the menace of single-use bottles and, at the same time, helping those who do not like the plain taste of water. The company provides a vitamin-laden tablet that can be dipped into drinking water, adding a taste in water that makes it palatable and also a source of extra nutrients. 

For those who may be worried that the tasty component of the Dropz comes laden with sugar and calories, the company says that it has created the flavors naturally from fruits and herbs. Dropz is carefully extracted to obtain the natural flavors. Although the startup is only less than two years old, it is already making an impact. It has managed to raise €2.3 million as well as gain support from environmentalists.


It is not only in the environmental field that impact-driven startups are being established. Investors are also using their creativity to solve other problems affecting humanity. One startup, Autonomy, aims at helping people with mobility problems. The startup is developing exoskeletons that will help those who have a problem moving their legs and hands gain their freedom of movement. Founded in 2020, the impact-driven company has raised more than €105k to develop artificial intelligence-enabled technology that is dubbed the future aid for movement-impaired persons.


People looking to design their dream houses without incurring huge capital investments can use the Pabio startup to either rent or buy. The company allows homeowners to have a feel for how a piece of furniture will turn out in their house. 

With this option, they do not have to pay full price for something which they are not sure whether they will buy. Customers get their designs, they select what they need, and Pablo assembles it within three weeks. The Bern –based startup has been running since 2020, and up to now, they have managed to raise €2.7 million.

Emoto Care

Launched in 2020, Emoto Care is a startup that aims at helping those who have lost the ability to move hands due to orthopedic or neurological injury. The startup has so far raised more than one million Euros. Those who have partially or completely lost the ability to move one hand can grab and release objects using Emovo care. This is made possible by just pushing a button. The device comes with a detachable component making it easy to use as well as maintain.

Swiss is home to great impact-driven startups. Looking at the above investment, one can see the positive effect they will have on society. Just like sports betting sites that contribute to charity organizations and make an impact in communities, these investments aim at making lives better.